Have you ever wondered how lies, secrets and deception impact our lives? How does God view L-S-D? Is it possible to overcome such sins and walk in truth, honesty and integrity? Is L-S-D a choice issue only, or influenced by demonic forces as well? This book L-S-D will answer these questions as it explores the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation, looking at the lies, secrets and deception in the lives of those that have lived before us. It reveals how such actions changed their lives or even the course of history, resulting in separation from family, friends and God. This book will not only serve as a warning against the practice of lies, secrets and deception, but also to motivate us to walk in truth, honesty and integrity as it contains many valuable keys to daily living. It also reveals God’s grace as we confess our sins and turn to Him for forgiveness.

L-S-D ( Lies, Secrets and Deception)  ISBN # 1-591601-84-3   Can be obtained from all major online retailers. Check out www.Amazon.com and search inside this book. 

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